Lughnasa and the Harvest Moon

Thursday gratefuls: Sarah. Gabe. Seoah. Joe. All here last night. Around this morning. Yes. Easing my load. Yes. Much gratitude. Jon. Family dynamics. Ruth. Rabbi Jamie. Luke. Elizabeth. Folks who care about me. The Ancient Brothers who want to help see me off to Hawai’i. Bless them.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Family and friends


As life gentles its way toward the end, I’ve learned what many of you have. True treasure lies in loving relationships. Certainly, and for us humans importantly, among family and friends. But. Also between us as human animals and the World around us. That White Pine in the Boot Lake Scientific and Natural Area in Minnesota. Black Mountain. Shadow Mountain. Kate’s Creek. The Holy Valley. The World Ocean. Lake Superior. Wolves. Mule Deer. Elk. Mountains Lions. Bears. Bison. Even Paramecium.

Jon found this consolation too little and too late. A great sadness. His life was hard and often lonely. Burdened by disease and crippled by memory. He has shed all that. I hope there is a healing beyond this life because he both needs and deserves it. Like we all do.

Even devastation has its gifts. Kate’s final days, her service, grieving her death has knit the J.O.E. (Johnson-Olson-Ellis) family into a functional and loving entity. Surprising, but true. Now Jon’s death will extend and deepen the ties already formed.

What this means lies not only in today’s solace but in tomorrow’s joys. For it is in the alembic of family and friends that tears become changed to laughter, grief into love, anguish into joy.

We may be, are, a plague upon this Planet. But. It does not mean that in our Mayfly lives we have to forgo the pleasures of our time here. And the greatest of these pleasures are the long term loving relationships among those joined by family or friendship.

Seoah came down. Greeted us all. Sarah sat at the table with me in the sewing room/dining room. Seoah did the Asian squat and amazed Sarah. We have so much to teach each other across our various ways of being human. Why do so many work so hard to deny themselves those gifts?

The clan, the JOE clan, has the talents and the stamina to push through the barrier of death and its aftermath, no matter how complex. Such a wonderful group of folks, most unrelated by DNA. Which makes it a shining beacon in my mind. We’re all just folks trying to love and be loved, to do our best with what we’ve been given by birth and what we’ve developed through life. May it be so for all people on this spinning, heating rock.



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