The Grind

Lughnasa and the Harvest Moon

Tuesday gratefuls: Joe. Seoah. Sarah. So. Much. Help. Getting through the weeds of Jon’s house, estate. Television. CJ Box. Colorado Blue Sky Day. Green Lodgepoles. Aspens still green. Ruth and Gabe. Jen, a rapprochement. Kep. Murdoch. Hawai’i dreaming. Robin and move management.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Family


We’ve entered the stressed out zone. Folks need to get back to their regular lives. Things unfinished. Legal process slow. Normal pressures. Joe’s on the real estate stuff. Rich is working the legal side. Sarah has done her thing with the services well. Going home tomorrow.

Interrupting life, jobs. Still tough stuff to do. Viewing tonight with the kids. Then, Jon’s cremation and collecting his ashes. Sarah also handled the mortuary, Jon’s body, collecting material from the coroner. A lot of unpleasant, but necessary stuff.

Joe will see to the property. Long distance. Like he’s done for the last few years with his house in Georgia. He’s confident about this. Found a realtor with military experience. Raises the trust level for him. Things may clank along for awhile. I’m paying. Hoping to get some cash back after the house sells.


Re: Hawai’i. Had Robin, the move manager come by yesterday. She will clean out all the nooks and crannies, donate and/or sell what isn’t going with me. Including furniture. An expense well worthwhile. But. Another expense. When she’s done, the moving company can come and pack because all that will be left here is what goes with me.

Will see the staging person next week. That dovetails with Robin, since the stager will say what she’d like to have stay for the showings. Also what cosmetic changes would be worthwhile. What won’t. I’ve got several months to get all this done. I prefer to go slow. Don’t like to work under a deadline. My anxiety goes up. Slow and steady for me.


Did get back on the treadmill yesterday. Went ok. May the covid curse be lifting, oh sacred body.


Processes grinding along. Making some sense, some not. Not a lot of time today to finish. So, short one.


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