Lughnasa and the Harvest Moon

Friday gratefuls: Seoah. Joe. Mini-golf. Comic books. A fun evening. Watching She-Hulk with them. Part of the Chargers-Chiefs game. Probate. Jon’s mortgage. The days after the death. Shadow Mountain. Fall coming toward us. Cooler mornings. Blue Sky over Black Mountain. The Kep. Kate, always Kate. The Holy Valley. Kate’s Creek. Sarah and BJ.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Fun


Fun. Oh, yeah. Fun. Not a huge part of my life. An error. So serious. Writing. Reading. Going to mussar. Taking Kabbalah classes. Reading Tarot cards, Astrology. Exercise. Scans. Doctor visits. Thinking. Probing. Questioning. Reasoning. Hiking. Yes, even hiking is serious for me. Plant identification. Getting my heart rate up. Exercise. No wonder I enjoy TV as a sort of white noise for the mind.

But Joe taught me a lesson yesterday. He wanted to take Seoah and me out for mini-golf. I thought. Oh, I’m tired. Why don’t you just take Seoah? Her last night here. No. He said. This is family time. All right.

Putter’s Pride. A typical poorly maintained miniature golf spot. And one helluva lot of fun. Seoah suggested loser buys dinner. Seoah 56. Joe 52. Me 47. Hah. We laughed. We gave each other do overs and gimmes. I even got a hole in one. Not reasoning. Not solving geo-political crises. Not thinking about probate, grief. Just having fun. Oh, yeah.

After Putter’s Pride we went to a comic book store. Joseph is so into collectibles, mostly comic books and baseball cards. Very knowledgeable. He rummaged through boxes hunting for a good deal. Checked his want list on the special app he has for comics to buy. Chatted with the owner about his graded comics, some as high as $3,000. He bought a comic that was the introduction of the first Korean superhero: Taeguki.

There was a Nepalese/Indian restaurant nearby. Sounded good so we went. I had tandoori lamb, Joe and Seoah had tikki masala, chicken and shrimp. Shared naan. We laughed some more. Seoah checked in for her flight. Less worried about it now.

Refreshing. Restorative. Fun. I’ve gotten in a seriousness rut. Fun. Yes. I remember. Maybe I should move to Hawai’i and start over. Whadda ya think?

Brunch with Marilyn and Irv was fun, too. Come to think of it. Well, yes. I guess I do have these meals out with buddies, they are fun. So maybe not entirely serious. Even so, I could use the occasional not food related fun. Like that trip with Tom to Durango.

Maybe I’ll take up, what? Oh. Painting. Yep. I had been doing that. Let it go over the last few months after Kate died. Sumi-e. That, too.

Oh. And cards. I loved those sheepshead evenings at Roy Wolfs. I used to play a lot of cards. Not so much. Not at all.

Jazz evenings. Chamber music. A Rockie’s game. Watch football. Used to do all of that.

Maybe some board games? Even video games? Gonna do it. Have some good times.

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