A Fortnight

Lughnasa and the Harvest Moon

Saturday gratefuls: Hit my exercise goal again this week. Saw Seoah off and into the long, long security line at Denver Airport. Joe and I now by ourselves. With Kep, too, of course. Susan’s delicious beef stew. The Thoreau poster. Sarah checking in. The paper work completed for naming Joe Personal Representative. Rich’s I’m sad you’re leaving. May I come visit.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: The reach of love


Two weeks ago tomorrow. Jon’s death. What a cascade of events, emotions, reconnections. From the awful evening into late night waiting on the Medical Examiner for Arapahoe County. Gabe and Ruth disoriented and in shock. Not knowing what comes next.That sad dinner at Bonefish Grill.

The next day when more help arrived. (BJ had come in that day, but had to leave on Wednesday) Sarah and Joe and Seoah. Everybody finding a role. Mine was sleeping often during the after effects of Covid. A lot of cooking. Cleaning. Crying. Hugging.

Meeting with Rich and getting this clumsy, maddening legal process off the ground. Sarah threading a needle between Ruth’s insistence on an event at Jen’s house and Jon’s memory. Om. Om. Om.

Joe stepping up. Being Joe. Clear. Honest. Able. Kind. Taking on the tough yoke of co-personal representative with Sarah. The estate. The trust. Jon’s financial affairs. That damned awful house and its near term future. Using his knowledge from working with a property manager on his house in Georgia to find solutions.

The heart rending visit to see Jon’s body. A good thing, but oh so hard. Ruth and Gabe. Their father gone now. Their father. At ages 16 and 14. No easy path through this for them. As my brother and sister and I know all too well.

Sarah left the next day. Seoah on Friday. Now in a holding pattern until legal matters allow us to move forward. Joe and I plan to sort through all the photographs that have stayed upstairs in the home office since our move in 2014.

He and Seoah moved them all down to the sewing room/dining room. We can use the long table there to sort and decide. Seoah and Joe cleared out the area on the other side of the wall in Kate’s former sewing room. Only things going with me will be there from now until I move.

Slowly. Slowly. Happening. Getting a sense of release as things disappear. As plans for the rest become clear.

Marti, Robert Martin’s stager, comes by on Tuesday to take pictures, discuss what she would like to have stay. Turns out Marilyn and Irv know Robert Martin well. He used to live near them and helped them when they considered moving some time ago. Small world here in the Conifer/Evergreen area. Also good to hear their positive take on Robert. Confirmed what I thought.

These two moments, Jon’s death and my getting ready for a move to Hawai’i, have come together in helpful ways. Unexpected, but positive.

On the way home from dropping off Seoah Joe wanted to go to a baseball card store. Not unusual at all. Besides, I drug him to bookstore after bookstore when he was a kid. On the drive there the call came in from Rich Levine’s law office that all the paperwork for naming a personal representative was near completion. A few other facts needed, then electronically filed with Arapahoe County.

We started this conversation while in traffic on our way to the baseball card store. Continued in the parking lot for the card store’s strip mall near Hwy 285 and Wadsworth. While Joe talked to Donyce, I got a call from Award Winning Pet Grooming wanting to schedule Kep’s grooming appointment for next week.

I got out, went into the Yummy Donut shop, and set that up. When I got back, Joe was still talking, asking questions. He’s thorough and careful. Technology, yeah.

Later at home we enjoyed a beef stew from Susan Marcus and CBE’s mitzvah committee.

It’s been a couple of weeks.


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