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Fall and the Harvest Moon

Thursday gratefuls: The MVP mussar group. Cleanliness. Purity. Modesty. Rabbi Jamie. Marilyn. Sarah. Joe. Jon. Kate, always Kate. Kep and the nudge. A cold Rain gonna fall. And, it did. On track for exercise goal this week. Chekhov. Diane. A fun retreat for her. Mary, making it through her second Japanese Typhoon. Mark and the Amazon warehouse. Ruth, homecoming and prom this weekend. Gabe and the Rockies game last night.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Family


Fall has come. Foggy and wet. Waiting for the gold rush when the Aspens take over the Mountain scenery for a few weeks. Leaf peepers will be on the roads along with bugling Elk and Cows ready for the winners of rack clashing contests.

Mountain Fall is different from the slow and varied changes of a Midwest Fall. It comes suddenly and leaves abruptly. Bitonal, gold on green, running up and down Mountainsides and into the Valleys. Less cozy than the Midwest Fall. Not a hot chocolate and Fire in the fireplace phenomena. The Mountain Fall is a bold statement of contrast. The Midwest Fall more an impressionist extravaganza of colors and the browning of the fields.

No real harvest here, either. A few fields of Alfalfa and Timothy. The scattered gardens of the intrepid high altitude gardeners. In the Midwest Fall the cornpickers are out. The combines. Hay’s getting rolled up. Gardens are full of late season vegetables, apple orchards receive paying visitors, raspberries weigh down the canes.

I love both of them and will experience neither when I move to Hawai’i where the seasons are more subtle, less colorful. (I think.) There the Surf rises to epic swells along the Banzai Pipeline and Oahu’s northshore becomes Surf central for the world. Whales come in their seasons. Sea Turtles lay their eggs. Getting a chance to learn more of the wild world’s rhythms excites me. Makes me eager to complete the liftoff process here and make it to a new home.


Neptune. Its Moons. Especially Triton. That Webb. Here are a couple of photographs that took my breath away.






The wide field photograph of Neptune and its largest moon, Triton, (looks like a star with blue rays) positions a Planet like our own, captive to Sol, in its context out nearer the edge of our solar system. And, in the wider field of galaxies visible in the background. Somehow that spoke to me of the vastness of our universe, of the intimacy of our own tiny collection of planets, yet an intimacy characterized more by distance than proximity. We share orbiting Sol and movement through the outer arm of the Milky Way, but otherwise, with the exception of Mars, we keep our distance.

Love these reminders of the wonder through which we move and of the Mayfly lives we pursue here on Earth. Helps me put current struggles in perspective. Needed perspective.


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