Make a will…today!

Fall and the Harvest Moon

Friday gratefuls: Sarah. BJ. Joe. Rich. Kep. Blue Colorado Sky over Black Mountain. A few Cumulus Clouds. Still all green from my window. Cancer. Still there (me, t00). Kristie. Dr. Simpson. Jamie. Tara. The Law. Probate. Ruth and Gabe. Jon’s house. The estate. The messiness of family. The joy of family. Love. Award Winning Pet Grooming.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Love


The state of the estate. Probate grinds on. Mostly in absence of result. No appointments of personal representative yet meaning we can sign no contracts, hire no cleaners or realtors. Fix anything.

Some movement in spite of. Joe’s contacted four realtors, interviewed all but one and that one is today. Same with bio-hazard clean up crews. Four. Lots of information. Anywhere from $12,000 to $6,000 to clear out the house, haul the trash away, move stuff to a storage unit, then clean the house from top to bottom. Realtors. Some not interested. Flippers? Might be a good choice.

Sarah introduced having Thomas and/or Max work on clean up/renovation. Will try to work their generosity into the process. Probably after cleanup, but perhaps before. So many balls in the air.

Joe got Jon’s mail out of the house. We sorted it, started going through it to get a sense of his finances. Chaotic. Varied. Mortgage paid on time. Many other bills waiting a check that did not get deposited. Like many, a lot of medical care debt. Damned US health (deny care) system.

More finance related work to come. Joe wants to begin triage today. This stays, is valuable or sentimental. This is trash. This, ? We can’t take anything like that out of the house in case creditors sue the estate later claiming we interfered before we were legally able to do so. Softly, softly.

Family links. Zoom last night with BJ and Sarah. Hard to deal with all this from faraway. All invested in getting a good result for the kids, i.e. as much cash in the estate’s account as possible. The frustration of the probate process creates confusion, intersecting expectations. Nothing unusual there. Will get sorted. Whether late or soon rides on a Judge in Arapahoe County Family Court.

Seoah wants her husband back. Now. The General for whom Joe works has been more than kind. Take as long as you need. And means it. Joe feels supported by his workplace. Even so it’s a long time to be gone.  A lot of his colleagues have donated to the go-fund me account setup by Thomas Thorpe for Ruth and Gabe.  Here it is again:

Occupying a lot of emotional and mental territory for all of us: Joe. Me. Sarah. BJ. But most of all Ruth and Gabe. Jen, too. Progress, yes, but much slower than anyone wants.

Also. Still waiting on the toxicology report. That will give us, we hope, a definitive cause of death. Still six weeks or so away.

Here’s one thing I’ve learned. If you don’t already have one, make a will. Today!


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