Shana Tova

Fall and the last crescent of the Harvest Moon

Saturday gratefuls: Joe. Sarah. BJ. Jon. Ruth. Gabe. Seoah. Kate, always Kate. Secrets. Held too long. Meth. The House. The estate. Shana Tova. Starting a new year. With all the hope and cleansings it offers. Joe’s amazing focus. Decisions ahead. The housing market. Will be what it will be. That 10 point buck.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Rosh Hashanah


My bedroom window is about 20 inches from the ground. Last night at 2:30 I got up, looked out the window, and found staring back at me a 10 point Mule Deer Buck. We looked at each other in the eyes for several seconds then he went back to munching grass and I went ahead to the bathroom. A startling and marvelous moment.

Spent some time trying to imagine the significance. Nothing settled. Still waiting for it to surface. Was it Jon, come back for a moment as a Mountain Spirit? Had the Mountain Spirit returned eight years later to wish me well on my journey to Hawai’i? Was it the call of the Wild, reminding me to search for my own Wildness, here and in Hawai’i? Maybe a message I’ve not yet felt? All of those?

Whatever it was, it is a memory that will seal my time on Shadow Mountain as remarkable and spiritual.


The imaginative faculty. Within our reach, but beyond our grasp. Abraham Heschel. Transcends the distinction beyond subject and object. Could be that field beyond good and bad where Rumi wants to meet. Not the executive, frontal lobe, rational functioning part of our brain. How we dive into the vastness of our inner world Ocean to find its treasure.

Second class on creativity with Rabbi Jamie. As I hoped, spinning the wheel on the air supply for my diving suit. Going down, in. As I’ve done since leaving Christianity behind, now so long ago. I want, need to write again, either on Reconstructing Faith or a new novel, be it fantasy or one about the Colorado years which continue to spin further and further into unreality.

I need this and the acting class. Will continue to need this kind of interaction in Hawai’i. Stimulation, prodding to find the Holy Well within.


This month’s practice for mussar is for the middot of cleanliness. I chose to consider each time I use Water as use of Holy Water, focusing on both its cleansing and purifying power. That inner World Ocean qualifies, it occurred to me. The Water there is Holy Water for sure. The sacred inner depths that merge with the Collective Unconscious.

So is the Well Water I just drank from my Water bottle. Pumped from the fractured Granite Aquifer about 80 feet down. So is the coffee I drink. Water. The shower. The sink. Yes, even the toilet bowl. Kep’s water. Rain. Purifying, cleansing Rain. Lake Superior. Filled with Holy Water. Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Water.


It is the start of the High Holidays for my Jewish friends. I don’t have the patience for the long services, though I went with Kate when she still did. I also don’t have the family history of these holidays. No nostalgia. No boost to go. Yet, I find them meaningful to me. A time of reflection, of making amends, of finding that connection with the Holy that makes us alive, our Souls reach down into our depths.

So I say to all of you, Shana Tova!



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