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Fall and the High Holidays Moon

Sunday gratefuls: Jon. Ruth. Gabe. The estate. Probate. Jen. Kep, the very sweet boy. Kate, always Kate. The Ancient Brothers. Joe, the maker of products, hard worker, loving son. Ruth’s homecoming/prom. Last night. Life flows right around death. The Mountains. That Mule Deer Buck and his Doe in the front yesterday. The Rings of Power. Troutdale. Rosh Hashanah. Shana Tova to all. And to all a good day.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Ruth and Gabe


Joe and I spent the morning yesterday creating a very large pile of opened envelopes, thrown away circulars, and envelopes with those little cellophane windows. Trying to reconstruct Jon’s finances over the last few months. Hoping to find some pearls. The Tabor check was there. $750. Three or four from Allstate. Minor amounts under $50. Maybe not pearls but sparkly nonetheless.

Mostly it was cutoff notices for his water, his garbage service, his gas and electricity, his phone, his security system. Followed by some resolution, often temporary. His mortgage he paid. Letters from debt collectors both for credit card and medical debt. Must have caused him great distress. For months.

There were more positive items, too. His PERA account. An IRA and a mutual fund. All with Jen as the beneficiary. She’ll need the money plus the money from the house. The money for which she is beneficiary she’ll receive directly. The money from the house will be in an estate account controlled, if probate ever appoints him, by Joe. That way it’s not part of the consideration for college financial aid.

Joe has begun to sort through the realtors and cleaners. A plan may take shape soon. I hope so, because he has to return to Hawai’i on Wednesday.

No toxicology report for a few more weeks.


Robin comes on Tuesday. Three hours of sorting, deaccessioning. We’ll also work with Marty’s staging recommendations which I should get Tuesday as well. One Tuesday task is a preliminary marking of items I plan to take with me, ones I plan to sell or donate, ones that can be discarded. Especially furniture, larger items this go round. None of the Stickley. Which is most of my furniture. No tables. Not the bed. Not Kate’s chair.

The new coffee table, the rocker, the Tiffany lamps, Herme, all going to Hawai’i. More art than I probably should take, but, hey. It’s art. My computer desk, the desktop and the laptop plus accessories. The Korean cabinet.

I’m taking an older computer to a tech person to retrieve documents and pics from an old hard drive. It failed on me a few years back before I could transfer them to the new computer. Maybe the IKEA reading chairs. The Herman Miller office chair.

Books. I’ve started. Yes, Diane. I’ve gone through three shelves and with gritted teeth selected those to take, eleven so far. Plan to keep at it. A shelf a day. Brutal, difficult. Freeing.

All of my tea supplies. Including my many teapots and tea brewing accessories. My Zojirushi. I’ll be back at sea level! My adventures with Chinese tea can pick up where I left off with them in Andover. Of course my high altitude coffee maker. It’s fast and will work well at sea level. Tea cups and coffee cups. Only a few of the latter.

What should I do with the two Karastan rugs? Expensive and beautiful. Not sure yet on them.

Clothes. Well. Hawai’ian weather goes a long way toward narrowing my selection. Will make the choice about that down coat easy. All my dress up clothes. Haven’t worn them in years anyhow. Except this May for the Scene Study showcase. Out they go. Jackets and vests. Most will go. Dress shirts, too. Different definition in the Islands. Sweaters? Only the Kaffee Fasset. It has sentimental value.

All of Kate’s quilts. The ladder for displaying them.

Art will for sure include Love is Enough, Jerry’s smaller winter scene, Warhol Campbell Soup Cans, most of Jon’s work that I have. That big map of the Big Island. Statues from Cambodia. Stone. The Dancing Prophet. The Thoreau poster. Various articles of Judaica. Other pieces, too. Ode’s Ford Parkway Bridge and the Boundary Waters print. Probably more, too.

Pruning has its high points. And low points. Many to come.


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