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Fall and the High Holidays Moon

Tuesday gratefuls: Jon. Kate, always Kate. Jen. Ruth. Gabe. Joe. Sarah. Seoah. BJ. Sam. Shannon. Craig. Waxing High Holiday Moon. Beautiful Sunseen on Black Mountain, highlighting the golden Aspen and making the Clouds blush a Reuben’s pink. Though not wilderness, certainly affected by humans, these Rocky Mountains remain wild at their heart. Steep, Rocky, forbidding even in areas close to home.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Joe


Jon died on September 4th, 23 days ago. Joe came on the 6th with Seoah. Sarah came the same day. Since then it’s been everyday, some new aspect of handling Jon’s oh so chaotic affairs. And far from done. No personal representative yet.

Probate is a strange and murky process, hidden from view after submitting paper work, well, digital work. Depending on a judge and their considerations. The slow pace of the judicial work means we face some deadlines now with no real clue about how to handle them.

Jon’s mortgage comes due again on October 1st. His utilities, too, around that time. Do we, can we, pay them? That is, can I pay them? And get reimbursed later?

Joe’s worked hard over the last week plus lining up cleanout crews and interviewing them. Same with realtors. We’re close to final decisions on both. He goes home tomorrow, but should have the necessary dominoes in place so that once an appointment of a personal representative gets made, the work on the house and grounds can begin.

He’ll manage all this from Hawai’i. Signing documents electronically.

Meanwhile here in Colorado, the kids will have a final visit to the house to claim things from their rooms. After that, we’ll wait for the cleanup process to begin. A trailer and a Rav4, both gifts from us to Jon, need to be gone before the cleaners start.

At the end of that process there will a storage unit to rent and the cleaners will move items to be saved into the unit. When the house is empty, we’ll decide whether to do a thorough cleaning of floors, walls, bathrooms or leave that to the purchaser. At that point, too, we’ll decide when to get the house on the market. Hopefully right away.



Other impactful news:

I watched this. Stunned by the science and dismayed by the weakness of the news commentators who covered it. They were not Walter Cronkite.

Every 8 year old now residing in a surprised old person’s body hears the words planetary defense and conjures up alien’s approaching our small blue world.

The actual Planetary Defense office is in D.C. Man, can you imagine having cocktails and being asked, so what do you do, and you say, oh I’m head of Planetary Defense. How cool would that be? I feel more Buck Rogerish just knowing we have an office of Planetary Defense.

The science here is subtle. The DART mission only plans a 1% impact on Dimorphos’ orbit around Didymos. It’s proof of concept. If we ever find a planet threatening asteroid, kinetic redirection could be the solution to avoid a collision with earth.

There are others. One involves putting an ion engine on the asteroid. Another exploding a nuclear bomb nearby or several right on the surface of a planet ending asteroid. Lasers to melt the asteroid. Magnets to pull a metal rich asteroid out of its orbit. If this topic interests you, here’s a link to a podcast and its transcript:   Deflecting Disaster.


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