The End of the Days of Awe

Fall and the High Holidays Moon

Tuesday gratefuls: Hi, Annie and Sarah. Jen. Ruth. Gabe, excited about coming up here this weekend. Cool, blue morning. More gold on Black Mountain. Options. Housing market. The Kep. Kate, always Kate. Jon, a memory. The Asters waning. Bears hunting for calories. A pleasant sleep-in this morning. Ideas. Acting. Acting class tonight.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Options


Back to full out exercise. 75 minutes yesterday. Cardio and 2 sets of resistance. Working toward 3. Still fade away in the early afternoon but the mornings have gotten better. I’m guessing I’ll need at least one more bump on the synthroid. But, when my TSH gets back to normal. Watch out!

Yesterday was a stay at home day. Worked on photographs, family memorabilia. Had Susan Marcus’ beef stew and later in the day Quaker Oats with Peanut butter.

Read in CJ Box’s 7th Joe Pickett novel. Learned about vicinage, a limited region around a particular area. In this novel it refers to the Zone of Death in Yellowstone National Park, an area where it would theoretically be possible to get away with any major crime up to and including murder. It’s real and remains a loophole in a defendant’s right to a fair trial. Don’t go there with somewhere who really, really dislikes you.

Working through Suits, the Megan Markle featured white shoe lawyer series that ran for 9 seasons. If you enjoy conflict, the law, and love stories, you might like it. Another one I’m watching right now is Qin Empire. A quasi historic series about the rise of the Qin state. It’s long, the 2nd season, which I just finished, has 50 episodes. Very popular in China.


No movement so far on the probate issues. We’re in a holding pattern. I need to go down and put a solar motion light on the front porch. Maybe Sunday when I take Gabe home. Ooh. I could get some more Korean Rice Fried Chicken.

Ruth’s struggling with grief. She may get out of the hospital on Wednesday. I hope so. Jen believes she’ll flourish in college. I agree. But she has to get through high school first.

Gabe loves to come up to Shadow Mountain. He’ll be here from Saturday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. We hike, talk. He works on jigsaw puzzles. He’s been here a lot and we have a good rhythm.


Yom Kippur begins this evening. It marks the end of the Days of Awe. Five days after Yom Kippur comes the week-long holiday of Sukkot, one of my favorites. A harvest holiday. In ancient Israel Sukkot had precedence. Simchat Torah, which follows Sukkot, celebrates the completion of another Torah cycle. Dancing with the Torah is not something I have done though last year I did follow the Torah, dancing. This is a profound and fun time for all even slightly observant Jews everywhere.

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