The Trial(s)

Fall and the High Holidays Moon

Thursday gratefuls: Joe and his update. Sarah and BJ. Annie. Seoah. Murdoch. Ruth back home. Gabe coming up. Kep. Bumping into things. Jen. Jon, a memory. Probate. Still invisible, somewhere in the bowels of the Arapahoe County Courts. Rich. Robyn. Diane coming next week. Robin, too. The market moving away from me.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: A light frost


Oh. Probate, wherefore art thou, probate? Getting caught in the jaws of court processes feels like a Nile crocodile has hold of our good intentions. No word. A lot of actors ready to go, but no authority to engage them. Reminds me a bit, a lot?, of the Kafka’s The Trial. If only we could get through the door, but we get kept waiting outside the courthouse.

It’s the kind of thing that can separate good people. I’ve renewed conversation with Rich, but I suspect he’s as much in the dark as we are. Continues to create angst for all of us even tangentially affected.


Acting class this time. A repetition of the How do I feel? exercise. I ended mine with How do I feel? Here. Tal gave me a second Dr. Astrov monologue from Uncle Vanya. We each read a monologue, then had to improvise it, then reread it with Tal’s direction. He wanted me to read mine with more passion. I did. It was well received. As was my improvisation. I’m beginning to think I might have some chops. Wish rehearsals and plays were at a sensible time, like 9 AM.

Getting a little clearer about the ensemble, as Tal calls us. One woman is indeed a Romanian Jew but by adoption. She was one of the Children of the Decree* from a Romanian orphanage. Georgeta. She’s a playwright, actress, and singer. Rebecca, a roughly 60 year old high energy woman, is a lawyer who practiced corporate law for oil and gas companies. She went to Mt. Holyoke, as I may have mentioned. Recently retired. Hamish, who was in the Scene Study Class I took, is a fishmonger, COO of the Seattle Fish Company. Another woman, whose name I’ve missed so far, went to Northwestern University, in Orange City, Ia. That’s a school within the Reformed Church of America, a conservative Calvinist branch of the Reformed Church which includes Presbyterianism. Nitya was absent this week. I mentioned her a week ago. Tal himself is the child of Rabbi Jamie Arnold and Marty Arnold, their oldest. Grew up in Evergreen.

Just bought a ticket for the Importance of Being Earnest at the Stagedoor Theatre here in Conifer. Nitya and Georgeta and Tal are all in the production. You can access the program and their bios here. I’m way outclassed. Glad they’re willing to put up with me in the class. Geez.


Will finish up the photographs today. I think. Pretty far along anyhow. Chilly morning. 36 when I got up here to the loft, maybe a degree or two cooler earlier. About time for some breakfast, then more pruning. Staying at this process no matter what the market/Kepler do to my immediate plans. I already feel lighter, more at ease with stuff disappearing, never to return.




*”Procreation is the social duty of all fertile women, was the political thinking during the 1960s and 1970s in Romania. In 1966, Ceaucescu issued Decree 770, in which he forbade abortion for all women unless they were over forty or were already taking care of four children.” Top Documentary Films.

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