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Samain and the Decision Moon

Friday gratefuls: Judy and her life. Judy and her death. Her shiva minyan. Kep’s nudge. Cold night. 15 degrees. Joe and Seoah. Sounding miserable. Grooming day. An open Friday morning. A nation preserved for now.¬† CBE’s week of tragic events. Rabbi Jamie in Israel. Rich. Susan. Marilyn. Tara. Mini-splits. Award Winning Pet Grooming. The Diane diet. Talking politics with Diane. The dark. Seeing the Woolly’s in retreat at the Danish American Center.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Zoom


Chose not go in person to Judy’s shiva minyan. Covid and the dark. A second late night this week. Kep’s been peeing in the house when I leave him too long. Still felt some guilt. Choosing to conserve my energy. Went on zoom. I’m just not a late night person anymore. Have not been for a very long time.

As happens too often, I learned many things about Judy I hadn’t known. She had a patent with AT&T for work on the 800 number. She grew up in a Long Island neighborhood full of kids that were in and out of each other’s houses all the time they grew up. Her many friends were scattered across the U.S. and the U.K. Death leaves a hole in lives near and far.

A celebration of her life is scheduled for 5:30 pm. I’ll make that.


Feeling calmer. Ready for the winter and what lies ahead. No more moving push. The work with Robin continues. I find the pruning a mind clearing process, a continuation of the work on the kitchen, staining the house, the mini-splits, reorganizing furniture. Turning the hermitage into the hermitage. The old scholar in his Mountain retreat.

Also plan to reorganize the loft and set up a cleaning schedule for it with Marina and her crew. Eliminate a lot of the clutter. Focus on workouts, sumi-e, writing.

I’m now writing Ancientrails in the house since Kep’s too tentative on the stairs up to loft. Winter would be very difficult for him. Adapting to his needs.

Gabe and his buddy Levi come up tomorrow at 2 pm. We’re going on a hike, then over to Beau Jo’s for pizza. I’ll take them back home. We may also try to collect a road sign fallen in the woods. I ordered some naval jelly for the rust and found my ratchet set. I’ll let the two boys figure it out.

Talked to Joe and Seoah¬† yesterday just before Judy’s shiva service. They sound awful. Their doc would not prescribe paxlovid for them. Too much rebound, he said. Maybe so. Younger bodies. Seoah has an awful sore throat and a high fever. Joe has the sweats and a headache. I wish we lived closer so I could have brought them food, run errands for them.


Today. Work on memorizing my second monologue. Finish my sonnet on smashing American idols. A short treadmill workout. (btw: my small gym was a factor in staying here, too. It works for me and I was not finding situations where I could get anything even close to it.) Take Kep over to Bailey for grooming. His coat’s looking shaggy.


Along with other sane Americans I’m grateful for the election. It’s a clue that democracy can still work, even in the face of violent and irrational challenges. The struggle is far from over with Ron Don’t Say Gay DeSantis picking up the mantle of crazy. Early post-election analysis shows that abortion rights and the MAGA threat were on voter’s minds even overshadowing an economy stuck on inflation. And the voter’s were right to emphasize democracy and women’s choice over inflation. A Republican dominated Congress would not fix inflation. Rather they would impede those who would. Women’s right to choose what happens to their bodies should not be subject to the evangelical/Roman Catholic ideologues no matter where they have grabbed power.

Looking forward to the leisure time to read the data.

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