There and Back Again

Samain and the Decicided Moon

Sunday gratefuls: Democratic control of the Senate. Gabe and Levi. The hike into the Holy Canyon. Kate’s Creek iced up. Early Winter. Thanksgiving shopping today. Order meat. Seoah and Joe. Slightly better. Ruth. Kep. The nudge. His good appetite. Solar panels. Black Mountain. Maxwell Creek. Bear Creek. Shadow Brook. Blue River.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: The silly laughter of 14 year old boys


Gabe and Levi came up. We hiked into the Holy Canyon. They were under dressed. Especially in their shoes. Kicks. Not so hot for crossing an iced up Creek. No accidents though. Grateful for that. They had a great time.

At the end of the trail there’s a small Pond. It had iced over. Their first reaction? Let’s break the Ice! And they tried. Throwing Rock and Rock with little result until Levi levered a larger slab of Rock out of the Valley side. I think you did it! Gabe. I did. Levi took a smaller Rock and dropped it through the hole he’d created. Levi might be headed for a job in forensic engineering.

After the hike and the Ice breaking, we drove into Evergreen for Beau Jo’s pizza. I got a Cajun one pounder and told the boys to figure out what they wanted together. That took a while.

Took them home well after dark since it was 6:00 pm when we finished eating.


Told Robert I was staying put. He understood. Had the two Armando’s over for a painting bid. Senior and Junior. Junior was about twice the size of senior, oddly. Height and weight. Couldn’t get a number because I don’t know what colors I want.

So. Contacted Marty, the stager. Could you help with color selection? Yes, she can. But not until December 7th. That’s fine. No rush. Although the senior Armando was ready to paint next week. Two more bids next week. I want to make the main level pop. In an Arts and Crafts way. Also time to get back on reupholstering the couch.

Feeling like Bilbo. I took an adventurous journey to Hawai’i, then Minnesota or Golden, and came, happily, back again to my hobbit hole. The Hermitage on Shadow Mountain. Like Bilbo I came back changed. With a new appreciation for the pleasures of Conifer/Evergreen. My friends and community at CBE. My acting classes. The Trees and Creeks and Animals and Mountains and Valleys. Those who care for my medical needs.

Ruth. That sweet, tortured young woman. Gabe. That sweet, often silly boy. He said last night, I’m really glad you’re staying for four years.

The Hermitage itself. With Herme and the loft which Kate found for me. With the Iris bed fertilized with her ashes. The bench where she sat working the NYT crossword puzzles. With the window where the Mule Deer and I locked eyes. With the common room where there have been many Thanksgiving and Hanukkah meals. Birthdays. Weekend times together. As one anthropologist calls them, the knotted experiences of a place.

Once I get the painting done and the kitchen finished, the pruning that Joe, Diane, Seoah, and Robin have pushed so far forward complete, I’ll be able to stabilize my life, get back to a regular writing schedule. I look forward to that.

No. I’m no longer hunting for one ring to rule them all. I choose my hobbit hole, friends and family, a bit of place to paint and write. And the Islands in their good time.



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