We rise together

Samain and the Decided Moon

Wednesday gratefuls: Stevenson Toyota. Enterprise Rental. Blizzaks. Oil change. Alignment. Driving. Winter driving. Acting. Dr. Artov. Chekhov. Hamish. Nittya, in the hospital. Georgeta. Rebecca. Lisa. Snow on the Mountain roads. All the wild Animals adapting to Winter. Seoah and Joe, better. Ruth, that sweet, sweet young woman. Gabe. Jen. Barb. My good friend, Orion. Back in the night sky. Winter. Late Fall.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: disappearing into a role


I was hesitant to say it. It seemed trite, or silly. I disappeared into Dr. Artov tonight. Wonderful Tal said. We must be doing something right. My monologues were well received. And I felt. Relieved. A little proud. My two scenes. Much more ragged and on book. Well, I have two weeks to learn my lines before the dress rehearsal on the 29th. The showcase comes along fast. December 2nd. I’ll be ready. More time with my scene partners.

Lisa and G. (Georgeta) had their lines for the scenes. For the most part. Hamish did for one scene. I had them for neither.

We work in this small, 30 seat black box theater. An overhead fan, that must be shut off by climbing on the roof, often makes it hard for me to hear. The staging is minimalistic. Usually a couple of chairs. Costumes as best we can make them from our own wardrobes. An intimate experience.

This is fun because it’s actual hard work. Satisfying when you hit the mark. A deep joy. When I finished my first monologue, Rebecca turned to me as I sat down. Believable. Oh. Yes.

At the end Tal gave director’s notes in the way he prefers. By celebrating what each of us were doing very well and encouraging us to come up to the mark of the others on what they did well. He started with me. It sounds simple, but it’s not. Charlie means what he says. Rebecca plays. Hamish has the energy. G. has the pacing. Elisa brings the emotions. So I need to work on being more playful, energetic, emotional, and in tune with Chekhov’s rhythm. I can do that.

A fascinating and highly personal hobby this acting. Yet also deeply interpersonal. And literary. What fun.


On the medical front. Plan to get an omicron booster this week. Maybe today. If not, then tomorrow. Also scheduled my visit to the pulmonologist. February 14, 2023. My 76th birthday. Chest x-ray. Breathing test. Then a visit with the doc. Three hours. Think I’ll take myself out to Pappa Doux’s after that. Somewhere fancy. No word on my scan. The referral has gone to Rocky Mountain Cancer Care. A week ago yesterday.

Biggest news though. The synthroid has reached therapeutic levels. I no longer fade away in the afternoon. I still take my nap, but I don’t wake up groggy and slowed down. What I had thought was O2 sats or the chemo or just plain gettin’ old? Hypothyroidism. Probably for quite a while. Years most likely. Now I’m not a bouncy boy at 4 pm. I’m still 75. But when I came home last night at 9:30? I was not dragging myself in the door. Tired? Yes. Exhausted? No.

Admit to some concern about bone aches when I start my cardio. Is that bony metastases? I don’t think so since I just had the CT scan and the bone scan, but I’m at that point right now where I’m suspicious of aches and pains. Most likely? Arthritis. Biomechanics from a weaker left side. Still… I want to get that scan.


We rise together. Back to the Moon and beyond! The commentator on the launch of the Space Launch System rocket, part of Artemis 1: “a series of increasingly complex missions to build a long-term human presence at the Moon for decades to come.” NASA Artemis I webpage

Can you believe these words are real?


The most powerful rocket in the world, designed to send humans to deep space. My emphasis.
HEIGHT — 322 feet
MASS AT LIFTOFF — 5.75 million pounds
THRUST AT LIFTOFF — 8.8 million pounds
PAYLOAD TO THE MOON — 59,000 pounds (same website as above)

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