Needs More Work

SamainĀ  and the Decided Moon

Thursday gratefuls: Marilyn and Irv. Diane. Tom. The Ancient Brothers. Snow on the way. Ruth. Gabe. Jen. Interesting times. Velveeta hair and clown tie, the campaigner. Ukraine. Rich. Judy, may her memory be for a blessing. Jon, a memory. Kate, always Kate. Mom. Dad. Alexandria. Muncie. Crawfordsville. Ball State. Wabash. United and McCormick Theological. Kep. The Lodgepoles and the Aspens, Tree nations of my altitude. 8800 feet.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Joe and Seoah moving past Covid


Sigh. Drove down the hill to Stevenson Toyota. Got in line for a service appointment. What’s the name? Buckman-Ellis. Hmmm. Let’s try the phone number. Hmmm. Do you have a confirmation. I’ll check. I didn’t. Somehow I had gone all the way through booking an online appointment without the final step. We’re not taking any drive-ins today. I understand. Ah. I have a cancellation for Friday at 8:15. I’ll take it. Need to get the Blizzaks on, oil changed, and the tires aligned. Its winter and I’m staying put.

Funny how turning the prism a bit changes the perspective on things. After connecting with Vince as a property manager, I began to view these other infrastructure matters (as my buddy Tom calls them) as management chores, not valenced, simply necessary. Been that way all along, but I would often personalize a breakdown. Why now? Why this (usually expensive) thing? Just maintenance. Now provided for in my budget. The house goes from a burden to a small business with a need for care and attention. I help it, it shelters me. Deal.


The rest of the day was what Kate and I used to call a travel day. R&R. I read a CJ Box Joe Pickett novel. That’s about it. Well, some more in Hunting for the Hidden Folk, a book I’m finding more and more important as I read it. (oohh. Snowing!) I’ll be taking a later post to talk about that.

I worked hard getting those monologues memorized. Tomorrow I have to get started on the dialogues. Will run lines with Hamish on Tuesday night since we have no class that night. Maybe Lisa, too. Not sure about G. Learning dialogue is more of a challenge because of cues. I’ll get it done though. The showcase is December 2nd.

Today I talk with Diane by zoom, meet Marilyn and Irv for breakfast at 10, then have mussar at 1. Tomorrow I take the car back down the hill, get a rental, come back for my class on creativity, workout, nap, get a haircut from Jackie, go back down the hill and get Ruby with her winter boots on. Busy couple of days. Saturday another painter comes to make a bid. Then, Monday, another one.


Red menace in the House. A slim Republican majority. Worse than a slim Democratic majority. In my view. Will probably make the Federal Government difficult. Executive orders. Little legislation. Thank Mother Earth, the Democrats control the Senate. Restoration of democratic norms was the big takeaway for me from the midterms. As teachers used to say on papers turned in for class though, Needs More Work.

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