The Other and the Soul

Samain and the Decided Moon

Sunday gratefuls:  Kep’s nudges. Sleeping in. A bit. Getting the house closer and closer to my vision. All the wild Ones in Winter. Sunseen. New ritual. Getting mail after dark. Kiddush Levanah. The Moon. The lesser light? Rabbi Jamie. Luke. CBE. Joe and Seoah. Still recovering. Covid. Boosters. Flu vaccine. Flu. Firewood. Peat. A Fire for Thanksgiving. Family. Ruth in Colorado Springs. LGBT folk. Ukraine. Joe Biden. Velveeta hair and clown tie.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Jumping at the Moon


Ancient Brothers on Sunday. Acting class on Tuesday. Spoke with Diane on Thursday.  Had breakfast with Marilyn and Irv on Thursday. Mussar on Thursday. Rabbi Jamie’s creativity class on Friday.  Car into Stevinsons on Friday. Haircut with Jackie and Ronda on Friday. Tom on Saturday. Rabbi Jamie’s Word and Deed session on Saturday. Doug the painter came over on Saturday. Brief chat with Joe and Seoah on Saturday. My interactions with others last week.

Zoom. Ancient Brothers. Diane. Tom. Creativity class. Mussar. Word and Deed. Joe and Seoah (Kakao).

In person. Acting class. Marilyn and Irv. Car (Toyota advisor & Enterprise Rental Car). Jackie and Ronda. Doug.

How I live alone but not lonely. One of the true blessings of Covid has been Zoom. The Ancient Brothers maintains friendships of over 35 years. Diane and I are first cousins. Known each other 70 years +. Tom and I 35 years and many visits and trips together. Creativity class means I can attend Kabbalah Experience classes without having to drive into Denver and back up the hill. Mussar I usually attend in person, but having the Zoom option means on days when I’m running short of time or worn out I can still attend. Word and Deed is only on Zoom. Joe and Seoah I couldn’t see without Zoom or Kakao. A Korean chat, phone, and video call app.

Is Zoom as good as in person? Probably not. But for me it preserves the important face to face contact. I’ve never liked the telephone. Ever. Disembodied voices never feel like enough and I find I want to hang up soon. Usually. Zoom allows me to see the other person, their reactions, in real time.

I’m an introvert living in a hermitage with Herme, the Tarot Hermit represented by a neon sign I had made last year. Yes. But I’m neither a recluse nor a misanthrope. I love people and contact with them. Just not too much. Or, as Ruth puts it, my social battery runs dry. Then I get tired and cranky.

One of the virtues of Shadow Mountain is silence. Especially now that the motorcycle riders and the VW hotrod folks both moved. This is a Mountain retreat, away not only from Denver but even from the smaller communities of Conifer and Evergreen, yet accessible to both. Suits me just fine.

Life. With others. Without them. A dance. A rhythm. Though. Even when alone we carry and often reflect on our experience with the people in our lives. Both the living and the dead.

I have no idea how long I can make this Shadow Mountain hermitage work. Hopefully at least four more years. The blend of silence and isolation with punctuated moments of seeing people works well for me. As I thought above moving into an apartment building like Clear Creek Commons or a high rise in either Honolulu or Minneapolis, a not small part of me cringed at the potential noise and overload of human presence.

I’ll be able to make it work here because of the wonderful, loving others whom I see and hear. I’ll be able to do it because I’m healthy and delight in living alone. I’ll be able to do it because Kate of blessed memory found this house and left me enough money to maintain and enjoy it.

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