Death and Authoritarianism

Samain and the Holimonth Moon

Monday gratefuls: Holimonth. Thanksgiving. Advent. Divali. Hanukah. Winter Solstice. Christmas. Kwanza. New Years. Posada. Cold Air. Snow coming tonight. Kep who navigates in new ways. Hamish. Running lines. Tom coming for a quick visit. The Happy Camper. Airline miles. Joe and Seoah. Ruth in Colorado Springs. Gabe. Jen. Sunseen and Sungone. Luna. Kabbalah. Tarot. Astrology. Acting. New classes. An old wineskin.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Kate’s Creek, headed toward the World Ocean


A voice last night. Not mine. In the bedroom. A short phrase, garbled. Then nothing more. Gave me a start. I felt afraid then, no. Listen. What if it’s Kate? No more. An auditory hallucination? A creaking door? Didn’t seem like it. Looking around I saw nothing. Went back to sleep.

There is still a mystery with death. Once past the veil the way seems closed forever. Yet. So many have tried to pierce it one way anyhow. The whole spiritualist movement of which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a big part had real prominence, even among the literati in the Belle Epoque. The Christian Spiritualist camp in Chesterton, Indiana where I often stay when going to reunions has its roots there, too.

I suppose it boils down to this. 1st. Does my loved one exist after death? Are they ok? 2nd. Will I? Will I be ok? Understandable questions raised by the sudden and awful pain of grief. As my friend Bill often says, I don’t need to make up a story about what happened to Regina. I don’t feel that need either for Kate. Having said that would I communicate with her across the veil if I could? Of course. Since we know nothing, I’m open to anything being the case.

A former version of me saw death as only extinction. Gone. Outta here. This version, who knows less than that one, allows what ifs. Especially what ifs that follow the butterfly analogy. Could any caterpillar imagine themselves a butterfly?


Authoritarian regimes beware. China has on display a key weakness. If you make a draconian policy, it had better produce results. Zero tolerance for Covid has not worked. There have been rolling breakouts which are then dealt with by stay at home orders. And not in trivial numbers but in cities where millions and millions of people live. Take Shanghai for example.

Now a fire in far western Xinjiang has become a rallying point. Protesters in Shanghai gathered at Urumqi Street, a street named after a Xinjiang city where 10 people died in a fire. Protesters believe the people died because of barricades set up for quarantines. NYT article

Remember the mandate of heaven? An Emperor had the right to rule as long as the people did well. But when famine or pestilence or war tore at city and village life the mandate of heaven could be broken. Once the Emperor loses the mandate of heaven all bets are off as far as who rules next. Might be a dynastic change. Let’s hope so. Maybe even a pro-democracy movement like the one in Hong Kong?


I admit I’m a bit interested in the World Cup. Partly due to Joe. The US has the next World Cup in 2026 and he’s started buying soccer cards in anticipation of money making opportunities. There’s better coverage, too. I’m sort of aware of how a team makes it to the knockout round. Ironically the US has to beat Iran to advance.

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