Staying in Place

Samain and the Holimonth Moon

Wednesday gratefuls: Prednisone. Tom. A Winter wonderland. Kate loved the snowy days. And I loved her loving them. Mary’s pictures from Kyoto. Also, Godzilla has Japanese citizenship! Nitya. Healing. Acting class. US National Forests. Parks. Historic Sites. Osher lifelong learning center. Elk Creek Fire Department. My neighbor’s Christmas lights. Ruth in Colorado Springs. December. Winter. Good sleeping.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Snow flocked Lodgepoles


Gonna take a hiatus from the Kabbalah Experience classes and acting classes. The first because I want some less personally focused learning. The second because I’m limiting drastically my night time driving during the winter months. MVP. And that’s it unless something necessary comes along.

The Kabbalah Experience classes focus on personal growth. Right now I want to put my personal growth into writing and making art. Found the Osher lifelong learning Institute. More traditional college like classes. One fee per year or term. Take as many as you like. Most just lectures. I signed up for one called the Origin of North America. Probably will pick up another one. Just for fun. Online classes and in person. I’m doing online for the Winter. Might go in person for one in the Spring. Meet new people.

Continuing to enjoy the fruits of having made a decision about moving. I feel at home, nurtured by my space. I will hire a painter in a couple of weeks. Marty, the interior decorator, comes next week on the 7th. She’ll help me think through color choices for the main level. I plan to get her thoughts on furniture arrangement upstairs and down. Maybe, too, on a piece of Western art that would locate my space in its region.

I have friends and family, near and far. I stay in touch. Alone, but not lonely.


How ’bout those American men soccer (football) players? Huh. Into the knockout round. Took Christian Pulisic’s sacrificial dive into the Iranian goal keeper. 1 goal. A little excited about this.

Not sure what’s going on here, but I also bought subscriptions to Motorsports and Road and Track. Gonna take my following of F1 to the next level. Coming from Indiana motorsports were part of my childhood. Not NASCAR. The Indianapolis 500. Too, car culture was a big part of growing up in an industrial area that made parts for Detroit.

Joe’s influence to some extent. He’s remained loyal to baseball after I took him to Twins games the year they won the World Series. A  hobby.


Last note for today. That sedition conviction. A big deal. Sedition is just a step away from treason. The national equivalents of blasphemy and anathema. I’m glad Biden’s in office so we have an Attorney General committed to these trials. Another Lincoln Log in the rebuilding and reinforcing of our democratic norms. The January 6th panel will shutter now that the crazies have won the House, but the work they did advanced that cause, too. Feeling better about our country.


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