A Woman of Power

Winter and the Wolf Moon

Sunday gratefuls: Alan. And his first world problems. Trying to sell his very desirable house. My comment as a New York Times pick.* Parkside Cafe. Salmon Eggs Benedict. Friends and family. Sarah and BJ and Schecky and Annie. Joe, back home yesterday. Seoah, improving her English. Zoom. My laptop. Kep, the cutie. Always by my side. Jon’s house. Almost underway. Probate.

Sparks of joy and awe: Silent Night, Mountain Night


Breakfast with Alan yesterday at the Parkside. He had his house sold. Then. He didn’t. A new offer. Went well. Until. A new inspection report. New inspector. Pickier. New demands. Alan teaches negotiation in 2 day sessions. He’s gonna say no if they refuse his counter. But the process has drug on. Now over a month.

Their new place? A penthouse in downtown Denver. Contingent on the sale of the Genesse house. They might go ahead and close anyhow. Their house will sell. It has great location just off I-70 with a spectacular view of the Continental Divide. Easy commute to Denver.

We also discussed my big fun with drugs. See my NYT comment below. Proud that it was a pick. 63 recommendations from other readers, too. Also a first world problem. With a privileged solution. In response to an article about Medicare beginning to reign in drug prices. Hope I live long enough to see them at work. I’m grateful to have the backup cash. Thank you, Kate. Sweetheart.

However. On the cash front. As probate gears up that means I get to start paying the bills. The house sells. I get paid back for out of pocket. Which includes Jon’s cremation. Though. Jon’s house like mine has lost value over the last few months. We’ll see.


Still amazed at the subtle and nimble intellect of Imani Perry. South to America is confessional, analytic, historical, sweet, and engaging. My new favorite book. For the moment anyhow. She recounts an encounter with the White owner of Crystal Caves who said, “Girl, I can look at you and tell you’re high maintenance.” Her reply. Unexpected. They had been laughing together before that. Then, she says, “I really cracked up. I can’t say why.” She comes to the stories she finds along her journey with a capacity to see the real, not the ideological. A rare and wondrous gift. A woman of power.


*Charlie Rocky Mountains   Jan. 14                                          Times Pick

Telephone call. Your copay assistance ran out of money for prostate cancer. That fund, the Assistance Fund, gets its money from Big Pharma. The change on Wednesday of this week has me at $3,000 a month for my two drugs that are keeping me alive. One of them bills out at $15,000 a month. Like Eero below. (another comment)

I’m lucky because I can afford this, but to do it I’m drawing money from a rolled over IRA. That means less money over the course of my life.

So it goes like this. Sure we can keep you alive. But. We’ll take the money you need to live a long life to do it. Which do you prefer? Life now or poverty later? In the wealthiest country on earth this is a decision no one should have to make. Ever.

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