Ready for the great push forward

Winter and the Wolf Moon

Tuesday gratefuls: MLK. The South. Seekers of racial justice. Those who oppose it. Snow on its way. Kep, the nudger. Christmas lights still up at the neighbors. Pruning. Still. But not always. Mary in Kobe on the anniversary of the big quake in 1995. Changed the city. Mark and his possibilities. Joe and Seoah and Murdoch. Diane, the wet. California. The Atmospheric River. China’s troubles: Covid. Falling population. Big co-pays start today. Cancer. All those with it. All the families of those who have it.

Sparks of joy and awe: Working out


Continued reading South to America on MLK day. So resonant. Turns out Imani Perry had a Jewish father. Both he and her mother were civil rights organizers in the movement era of the 60’s. He taught at Miles College, an HBCU. Not sure about her mother. Her chapter on Atlanta brings a spotlight to that city’s contradictions, especially for Black culture. The valorization of money, diamonds, gold, Black achievement. The crushing poverty still there for most of the cities Black residents. Hip Hop and Rap have a center there, too.

Ready for the great push forward of those left behind. No, not the Confederate flag wavers. Not the White blue collar workers. Though they deserve our attention and care, too. But the descendants of the enslaved. The First Nations folks. The Latinos who settled both California and the Southwest before, long before, the Pilgrims landed. The Asians, both from the railroad labor days of the nineteenth century and the techno immigration of today. Our imaginal cells ready to burst forth, give us wings. May it be so.


Made an excellent white bean and chopped tomatoes and onions stew yesterday. Lunch. And as a side dish with Sitka salmon for dinner. New York Times Cooking has good recipes. If I can find the ingredients, I’m going to try Peruvian Roast Chicken this week. My kitchen remodel has inspired me to cook. Maybe twice, three times a week I make dinner. Others I assemble it. May order another Sitka Salmon share box when I use up the fish I have now. And Cook’s Venture chicken and pork. Supporting individual fisherfolk and those working with humane, organic farmers raising chickens, pigs. Not to mention that it comes to my door.


Today I bite the financial bullet and order my cancer drugs. Pay the full co-pay. With that sacrifice on the table it should push me past the doughnut hole into catastrophic drug coverage and the co-pays will drop. Only $850 a month. And so it goes with the American healthcare system. Profits before people.

Big Pharma. Big Insurance. Big Hospital chains. Organized to please themselves and their investors. A daisy chain of money flowing in and through each other. Gleaned from the lame, the halt, and the blind. The sick, especially the sickest.

Back to Scott Nearing for me. A mixed economy. Capitalism for the unnecessary or optional. Socialism for the necessary: Food. Health Care. Education. Housing. Made sense to me 55 years ago. Makes sense to me now.


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