Larger than Chixulub

Winter and the Wolf Moon

Wednesday gratefuls: Mark, my Postman. Whose father was a bush pilot in Alaska. Snow. Plenty. The Forest in white. All those wild Neighbors snugged in for the day. Kep, who wisely did not stray far from the house. Being old with no where to go. A Snow day! David Lindsey, former head of Colorado USGS and his Origins of North America class. Kate, always. Jon, a memory. Ruth and Gabe. My dentist’s office. The weight of history, the enslaved. The Hubble and the Webb. All the little children of the world. And, the bright blue Sea.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Living at altitude.


Maybe 6 inches of snow over night and still coming. I would so miss the Lodgepoles whitening. The cold air through my window at night. The quiet of an already silent night becoming quieter. Tracks across the driveway. Rabbit. Mule Deer. Fox. That hygge feeling of a warm snug house.

Today Hawai’i though. Still feels good. Right. Just not now. Its beauty and isolation will warm my old bones when I finally make the move. Enjoying Shadow Mountain, the Rockies. Arapaho National Forest. I’ve become native to this place. As I will to Hawai’i.


Pruning. Going through my boxes from the garage. Throwing away some of my past, most of it. Keeping a bit. Like that old Pilgrimage journal I had from the Woolly pilgrimage year. Like certain journals. Visits to Hawai’i. Cruises. Mexico. Wales. Drafts of novels. Robin and Michele will come next Tuesday and take away the remainder to recycle. That will mean the old sewing room will be cleared out.

Also worked on the new home office upstairs from where I am right now. Cleared off the built-in desk, opened up the east wall. Need to clear out all of the old financials. Shred and bag them. Reclaim all the shelving.

Moving down from the loft. Files for each Celtic holiday. To help with How to Become a Pagan. And all my mussar files. Once I get the new home office in shape I’ll move on to the walk in closet in the guest room. It’s the last big challenge. Clothes. Slides. Boxes and luggage. It will take awhile.

It feels good to have gotten this far. Quite a ways. The loft art table will happen sometime in the next month. Need to reshelve books, get the cleaners up there to do the floor and dust. Maybe March?


Got my new air fryer in the mail yesterday. Hope I can lift it onto the counter. My old toaster died and I had decided to get one of these when that happened. Used one at Joe and Seoah’s. They’re handy. Toast. Yes. Tator tots. Yes. A whole chicken. Yes. Reheat fried chicken. Yes. And many other things. I plan to open the box and get it set up after my slow workout following Origins of North America.

This class is just for fun. No assignments. Lectures, slide shows of the teacher’s trips to investigate places like the Sudbury Impact Crater, larger than Chixulub which wiped out the dinosaurs. Near Sudbury, Canada. He’ll also be discussing today the Huronian Supergroup which emerges just north of Manitoulin Island in the Georgian Bay.

My family took several trips to Stratford, Ontario for the Shakespeare Festival there. Afterward we would drive to Tobermory on the Bruce Penninsula and take the car ferry across the Georgian Bay to Manitoulin Island. A beautiful ride. One of my favorite family memories. Going through the Flower Pot Islands.

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