Probate. Again. Still.

Winter and the Valentine Moon

Sunday gratefuls: Alan. Java Groove. Cheri. His housing deals. Mostly done. Moving. Downtown Evergreen. Fresh Snow coming tonight. US Women’s Soccer in New Zealand. On HBO Max. Ford moving into F1. Cadillac, too, with the Andretti clan. Driving to Boulder today. Nice to get out. Probate. Almost underway. The cleaning crew. Then the realtor. Ivory going, the wagon, too. Money. Flowing out. Dushanbe Tea Room. Michael and Kate.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Friends.


Got my google directions to the Dushanbe Tea House. Sent to my phone via text message. Ready. Ode introduced both Tom and me to this wonderful place, a gift to Boulder from its sister city, Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. An intricate ceramic interior in an Islamic style. Flowers on the tiling, bright colors, curves with peaks. Arabesques. And teas, dozens of them. Available for sale. Good food too. Lapsang Souchong Benedict. Kookoo Sabzi. Swiss Raclette, Potatoes & Eggs. Brunch. And many other dishes.

Will be good to see Michael and Kate again.


Talked to Joe yesterday. Shannon, the realtor, and the cleaners are ready to go. Joe’s been appointed personal representative, but apparently a few more i’s to dot and t’s to cross, but nothing major now. He expects Rich will give the go ahead to get to work this week.

I have a few tasks in this process. After the initial cleanout, Jen and I will walk through the house and decide what stuff to keep in storage. The cleaner will go with me to a nearby storage place at that point and I’ll rent a storage unit, hopefully in the name of Jon’s estate. We have to do things in that order because I have no idea what size of storage space to rent until that point. The cleaners will then move the items we choose to keep into the storage unit.

Sometime during this time the question of Ivory will have to be dealt with. Before she can go back on the road, Jen has to say yes to keeping her for Ruth. Ruth’s near to getting her driver’s license.

Kate and I gave Ivory to Jon so Ruth would have a safe car to drive. There’s the title that has to be transferred, new tags purchased. That’s my work. I think. That is. I have the title now. We found it at Jon’s never transferred into his name. I say I think because I did something online with the DMV that might have transferred ownership to him. We’ll see. Another Jon related problem to fix. Jen will have to insure Ivory. We can move her then from Jon’s house to Jen’s.

Jon’s pension payout and his mutual funds can now go to Jen, but that requires some work on Joe’s part with Craig, Jon’s financial advisor. The mortgage has to be paid off when the house sells. There will be other debtors with claims, but they will be denied.

Getting close to having this whole matter sorted. But we’re not there yet. All the work of the estate has been on hold waiting for the Arapahoe County Court and David Olson, Jon’s dad. Joe has it organized and ready to go. As Rich said, That’s a super sweet son. Yeah.

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