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Chicken Pot Pies and Memories

Fall                                                 Waning Back to School Moon Before the Vikings game on Sunday I made two chicken pot pies, whole pies filled with chicken, vegetables and a thickened vegetable broth made in the process.  These are my second and third meat … Continue reading

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Lughnasa                                              Waxing Back to School Moon Nap.  Off to Ace Hardware for chemically resistant gloves.  Really.  Why would I use anything that required them?  Normally, I wouldn’t.  But the varroa mites compromise the divide’s ability to survive the winter and … Continue reading

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Extra Work Raises Grade

Lughnasa                                 Waxing Artemis Moon Up early and out in the garden.  This is the way I like it, working in the garden before and during sunrise, a coolness, some damp lingering from the night, stillness carrying only the softest of … Continue reading

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Spring                                                       Waxing Flower Moon Kate called from the Northstar.  She arrives in Anoka at 5:52.  She took the light rail to Target Field and caught the train home from there.  Feels like living in Connecticut.  I’m glad to have her … Continue reading

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