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Lughnasa                                            Waning Harvest Moon More time today on Ovid.  Working on Book III:570-574.  This chunk, starting at 509 and running through 579, introduces the story of Pentheus, a cautionary tale about religious zealots.  Pentheus criticizes the seer Tiresias as an … Continue reading

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A Latinate Day

Lughnasa                                                                     Waning Honey Extraction Moon A Latinate day.  The am found me back in Pentheus, a story in the third book of Ovid’s Metamorphoses.  I remember the story from the English version, at least in part.  Pentheus gets torn apart … Continue reading

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Looking Backwards

Lughnasa                                                                        Full Honey Extraction Moon Over the last week plus I’ve watched the Starz Network version of the King Arthur legends, Camelot.  I get it streaming from Netflix.  Each time I watch this program I get a shot of creative … Continue reading

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Sowing the Dragon’s Teeth

Lughnasa                                                           Waxing Honey Extraction Moon Much of yesterday and today spent amongst the Latin text of Metamorphoses.  I translated ten lines of the story of Pentheus.  In my effort to peek behind the curtain of translation I have learned several … Continue reading

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9 Pins

Lughnasa                                                                                   Waxing Honey Extraction Moon Woke up this first day of Lughnasa to Knickerbockers playing 9 pins and throwing strike after strike after strike.  A nap on a thundery summer day has a luxurious feel, velvet, cushy.  Gertie spent the … Continue reading

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Woolly Mammoths

Beltane                                                                          Full Last Frost Moon Woolly meeting at Scott Simpsons.  Yin took me around her whole property, showcasing her plants, talking about her plans.  Her Asian themed garden in front is a masterpiece, designed by her and realized by landscapers … Continue reading

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Busy Friday

Beltane                                                                                           Waxing Last Frost Moon Finally.  One chunk of the Metamorphosis finished in a literal (sort 0f) version.  That’s Book III:138-250.  My learning curve has been steep, sometimes so much so that I thought I might tip over backwards, but … Continue reading

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A Garden, Some Latin, Ai Weiwei

Beltane                                                     New Last Frost Moon The potatoes are in the ground.  The lettuce has two leaves, as does the spinach, a few beets have emerged.  The leeks look a bit droopy, but they’ll pick up.  The garlic is well over … Continue reading

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Daffodils Are Up. The Bees Are Coming. Growing Season Is Underway.

Spring                                              Waning Bee Hiving Moon Tomorrow afternoon is the day the bee’s come to their new home.  They will have traveled by truck from Chico, California, spent a night at Jim’s Nature’s Nectar and will leave Stillwater for Andover around … Continue reading

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Still At It

Spring                                                    Waxing Bee Hiving Moon Below freezing tonight, howling winds all day, gray clouds scudding across the sky.  Ah, Minnesota in springtime. A full day translating Ovid.  I’m now down to verse 201, only 49 verses to go.  I’ll probably … Continue reading

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