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Sticking It To The Man

Samhain                                                 Waxing Moon of the Winter Solstice File under sticking it to the man:  Wikileaks.  File under government mad, pouts, hunts down bad man and charges him with anything they can find.  Come on, guys. I’m no Rand Paulite and … Continue reading

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Planting Done As Planting Moon Wanes

Beltane                                              Waning Planting Moon Almost all of the seeds and transplants have gone in the ground with the exception of succession plantings of beets, lettuce and carrots.  I have butternut squash to plant and that will go in today.  After … Continue reading

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Beltane                                            Full Planting Moon This morning I had scheduled for Ovid.  I’m down to verse 20 of the first book, about 14,980 verses to go.  I’ve not checked 10-20 with my tutor, so my translations are tentative until tomorrow.  Still, … Continue reading

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A Long Journey’s First Step

Spring                                                     Awakening Moon The weather has turned cooler and the sky gray. I’m proud to report that I have almost completed translating my first four lines of Ovid’s Metamorphoses.  Of course, there are thousands of lines in the complete work … Continue reading

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