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We Inch, Slowly, Toward Spring

Spring                                                                 Waxing Bee Hiving Moon Kate comes home tonight.  Yeah!  I miss her when she’s gone. I’ll follow our usual procedure and pick her up at the Loon Cafe, conveniently located at the end of the light rail service from … Continue reading

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Travel Agent? C’est moi.

Spring                                                      Waning Bloodroot Moon As travel agent for our house, I make reservations, check on them, plan itineraries and handle changes to travel plans.  Like several of my domestic responsibilities I have these duties because of misspent time over the … Continue reading

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Carpe this Diem

Imbolc                                                 Waxing Bridgit Moon OK.  Today is a new day.  I do not plan to torture my computers anymore today in regard to my legacy laserjet printer.  It has been a faithful companion throughout the last 19  years and I … Continue reading

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Winter                                                                    Waxing Moon of the Cold Month I’m sitting here, waiting on Kate to come home from her retirement party at work.  It’s at an Applebees, noisy and with people I don’t know so I stayed home.  With my hearing … Continue reading

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The Cold Month

Winter                                                                       Waxing Moon of the Cold Month Sunlight has begun to grow, but as is often the case here in January, the snow keeps the air near the ground cold and the amount of light increase will not begin to … Continue reading

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Dog Days

Summer                                    Waning Grandchildren Moon The dog days.   A bit from Wikipedia: “The Dog Days originally were the days when Sirius rose just before or at the same time as sunrise (heliacal rising), which is no longer true, owing to precession … Continue reading

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