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Samain and the Holiseason Moon Friday gratefuls: Alan. My phone. Derek. Laurie Knox. The Bailey Patchworkers. Holly Bailey. Kate’s gifts, still coming in. Hanukkah presents from the Aunt’s. Jon, Ruth, Gabe. Coming up here tomorrow and Thanksgiving. Cincinnati Chili tomorrow. … Continue reading

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Samain and the Holiseason Moon Tuesday gratefuls: Ruby. Her Blizzaks. Her synthetic oil. Her seat warmers. A good ride, well-made. But. Carbon based transportation form. HIIT workout. Marina Harris’ crew. Great house cleaners. Color. Carnelian. Davy’s Gray. Canary. Prussian Blue. … Continue reading

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a pathway spread

Samain and the Moon of Holiseason Sunday gratefuls: Bean and cheese burritos. They’re what’s for breakfast. Jon. Struggling again. Shared steaks last night. Gave him my pre-induction pots and pans. Rigel is in the house. Won’t bug me until lunchtime. … Continue reading

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