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Lughnasa                               Waxing Back to School Moon Finished digging the potatoes.  The crop seems smaller than last year’s, but I can’t tell for sure.  Still, we don’t eat potatoes often and we have enough to last us quite awhile.  Kate made … Continue reading

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Good Job, Leslie

Lughnasa                                              Waxing Back to School Moon Leslie did a great job this morning.  A creative approach with a candle passed among Grovelanders asking them first to identify a point where they performed ministry, then a time when they were hurt … Continue reading

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Living in Alien Land

Winter                                        Waxing Cold Moon The NFC championship game  is today.  You know where I’ll be.  Yup.  Right there in the chair, cheering on the Vikes.  After dispassionately reading all the match-up analysis and carefully considering all the key information, I … Continue reading

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