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Lughnasa                                            Waning Harvest Moon More time today on Ovid.  Working on Book III:570-574.  This chunk, starting at 509 and running through 579, introduces the story of Pentheus, a cautionary tale about religious zealots.  Pentheus criticizes the seer Tiresias as an … Continue reading

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Text, Reader, Learning

Lughnasa                                                                              Waning Honey Extraction Moon Been feelin’ tired, a bit lowdown.  Got a good nap this afternoon and better. Latin today was a bit more encouraging than I had anticipated.  My translation was not so far off, I hadn’t pursued … Continue reading

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In a Deep Hole

Lughnasa                                                                 Waning Honey Extraction Moon And here I thought things were going well.  My translation this morning was far, far off the mark.  It was, Greg said, a combination of things.  I don’t know the story.  The poetry makes difficult … Continue reading

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A Latinate Day

Lughnasa                                                                     Waning Honey Extraction Moon A Latinate day.  The am found me back in Pentheus, a story in the third book of Ovid’s Metamorphoses.  I remember the story from the English version, at least in part.  Pentheus gets torn apart … Continue reading

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