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The Deal. The Old Deal, Not A Big Deal.

Mid-Summer                                                               Waxing Honey Flow Moon Apres deluge.  Drove into St. Paul this morning, a long chunk of the ride behind a pick-up with Louisiana plates.  Felt like the bayou during the tail end of a hurricane.  Driving in Minnesota seems … Continue reading

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Coping With Change

Samhain                                            Waxing Thanksgiving Moon A meeting with lobbyists and politically minded folks this morning, trying to suss out the impact of the Republican wins in the elections.  The energy in the room was good, nothing energizes political folks like a … Continue reading

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Poison Fruit

Spring                                        Waxing Awakening Moon Spring has sprung, then it sprang back.  23 today.  Not prime gardening weather yet. The conservative embrace of right wing populists has begun to bear poisoned fruit again.  They referred to Obama and African-American congressmen as … Continue reading

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