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Queen of Relaxation

Mid-Summer                                                            Waxing Honey Flow Moon Our new pack Kona, Vega, Rigel + Gertie has begun to calm down.  There are fewer tense circling moments, fewer snaps and growls.  Life with dogs has its rhythms, just like life with humans.  Vega, … Continue reading

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Second Life

Beltane                                                                      New Garlic Moon Rigel has spent the morning with a very worried look.  She doesn’t like thunder and barks at it to tell it to go away.  That doesn’t work well. She’s not nearly as reactive as Tira, one … Continue reading

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We Inch, Slowly, Toward Spring

Spring                                                                 Waxing Bee Hiving Moon Kate comes home tonight.  Yeah!  I miss her when she’s gone. I’ll follow our usual procedure and pick her up at the Loon Cafe, conveniently located at the end of the light rail service from … Continue reading

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Then Bang, Things Happen

Spring                                                               New (Bee Hiving) Moon You know how things go along for a long time and nothing happens, then bang, things happen?  Sollie and Rigel got into it again and in breaking them up Rigel bit me.  Not bad, a … Continue reading

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Big D

Spring                                                                Waning Bloodroot Moon The weekly let down after my round of Ovid has set in, exaggerated by the two day drive-a-thon to Lincoln, Ne and back.  Let down may not be the best phrase.  An easing up, a lull, … Continue reading

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