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Plans and Further Foolishness

Lughnasa                                                                Waxing Harvest Moon We moved Gertie (the German wire hair, formerly of Denver) and Kona (our oldest dog now, a whippet) downstairs.  Gertie had slept in our bedroom but consistently got Kate up between 6 am and 6:30 am. … Continue reading

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Queen of Relaxation

Mid-Summer                                                            Waxing Honey Flow Moon Our new pack Kona, Vega, Rigel + Gertie has begun to calm down.  There are fewer tense circling moments, fewer snaps and growls.  Life with dogs has its rhythms, just like life with humans.  Vega, … Continue reading

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Mid-Summer                                              Waxing Honey Flow Moon Kate showed up at the breakfast table this morning, the Zimmerman walker nearby.  Her friend TJ Zimmerman gave her this fancy cherry red walker before her last hip surgery.  It’s a speedy contraption, should have … Continue reading

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Mid-Summer                                                                                 Waxing Honey Flow Moon Picked Kate up at a very quiet Fairview-University.  She got into the truck cab under her own steam, stands on her new hip and walks short distances with the aid of the walker.  Her progress … Continue reading

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