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Making Pot Pies

Fall                                                       Waxing Autumn Moon We had our final straight from the garden meal last night.  Roasted potatoes, onions, fennel, carrots and a lone beet.  Raspberries for dessert.  Marinated chicken for protein, not from here. Today I cut up the leeks, … Continue reading

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Harvest Day

Lughnasa                                                      Waxing Harvest Moon Yesterday during the honey harvest (before the swarm) activity shifted among pulling frames from honey supers, delivering them for uncapping (Kate), getting them set in the extractor and going downstairs to work on Mark’s Saudi visa.  … Continue reading

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Harvest Home

Lughnasa                                                 Waxing Harvest Moon Tomorrow the season’s honey harvest.  Kate and I will haul out the extractor, fasten it to the deck and begin uncapping our honey. The process goes like this.  Each colony with surplus honey, 2 & 3, … Continue reading

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Bee Diary: August, 2011

Lughnasa                                                                   Waning Honey Extraction Moon Checked the honey supers this morning.  On the two package colonies that I do not intend to overwinter, we have approximately four full honey supers.  That is, we have for harvest the amount of honey … Continue reading

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Bee Diary: Memorial Day Weekend

Beltane                                                                     Waning Last Frost Moon The bees.  Today the second hive boxes went on each colony.  This means that 70-80% of the frames in the bottom boxes have brood and pollen, requiring more space now for expansion of the growing … Continue reading

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