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Anco Impari (I’m Still Learning. Goya)

Beltane                                                                 Waning Last Frost Moon We continue sliding toward summer, a cool, moist descent, not at all like the sudden, blazing ascension we often see, usually full on in place by now, with sun screen and hats and pitchers of … Continue reading

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A Sunshiny Day

Beltane                                                                       Waning Last Frost Moon Weeding, thinning in the vegetable beds.  A soothing practice, sprucing up the rows of beets, carrots, spinach and taking young weeds out now, before they get big.  When I first went outside this morning, in … Continue reading

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A Garden, Some Latin, Ai Weiwei

Beltane                                                     New Last Frost Moon The potatoes are in the ground.  The lettuce has two leaves, as does the spinach, a few beets have emerged.  The leeks look a bit droopy, but they’ll pick up.  The garlic is well over … Continue reading

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Daffodils Are Up. The Bees Are Coming. Growing Season Is Underway.

Spring                                              Waning Bee Hiving Moon Tomorrow afternoon is the day the bee’s come to their new home.  They will have traveled by truck from Chico, California, spent a night at Jim’s Nature’s Nectar and will leave Stillwater for Andover around … Continue reading

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Moving From the Theoretical to the Concrete

Lughnasa                                            Waxing Back to School Moon Kate has had a nasty cold since Monday and I can feel it trying to claw its way up my esophagus, making my throat scratchy.  My hope is that the recent two time bout … Continue reading

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Seeing What We Really Have Here

Summer                                             Waxing Grandchildren Moon We are well past midsummer here in the northern latitudes.  The garden’s peak bearing season will commence although we have already had blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, currants, garlic, lettuce, greens, onions, parsnips, beets and sugar snap peas.  … Continue reading

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