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Here Comes The Sun

Summer                                       Waning Strawberry Moon After weeding Kate and I took off for lunch–at Benihanas, not nearly as good as our own, much closer, Osaka–and a visit to Lights on Broadway.  A bit of dithering about where the order was, where … Continue reading

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Falling Behind

Beltane                                    Waning Planting Moon Life seems lighter now with Kate at home.  Shared life is so much easier than solo, at least I find it so. Kate made oatmeal this morning and I went out to the garden and picked … Continue reading

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Weeds. Less.

Summer                             Waxing Green Corn Moon The majority of the weeds that were in the clover now lie baking in the afternoon sun.  This hand pulling of weeds is a chore, but it has its satisfactions.   Not having to do it … Continue reading

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