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Breaching the Walled Garden of the Self

Fall                                               Waning Harvest Moon Prepping for a presentation on Spiritual Resources for Humanists.  Reading books, articles, letting ideas slip past as I get ready to sleep, keeping my antennae out for what feeds me now. The book I mentioned before, … Continue reading

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Spiritual Resources for the Humanist

Lughnasa                                                                Waning Honey Extraction Moon More butting my head against a language that any 4 year old in ancient Rome could speak and a reasonably intelligent 5 year old could read.  I guess there is a plateau affect here and … Continue reading

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Here Comes The Sun

Summer                                       Waning Strawberry Moon After weeding Kate and I took off for lunch–at Benihanas, not nearly as good as our own, much closer, Osaka–and a visit to Lights on Broadway.  A bit of dithering about where the order was, where … Continue reading

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