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Natural Disasters on the rise in the United States

Lughnasa                                                                         Waxing Honey Extraction Moon “This has been a devastating year,” National Weather Service director Jack Hayes said. “Natural disasters are on the rise in the United States,” he noted, including records for heat, tornadoes, floods and fires, and with … Continue reading

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Working Off the Hump

Mid-Summer                                                                                  Waning Honey Flow Moon Potting, something done for thousands of years by diverse human communities, is hard.  At least for me.  Kate seems to be getting it.  We have a 6,000 year old Chinese pot at the MIA that … Continue reading

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Art Immersion

Beltane                                                                              New Garlic Moon One of those days.  Into the museum, leaving at 10:30 am and just got back now, 6:00 pm.  Had a Japan Art Cart, oh boy, with very few visitors.  A group of autistic kids and a … Continue reading

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Monkey. Still. But, Making Progress.

Beltane                                                                     Waning Last Frost Moon Whoa.  84.  Sometimes I think of the seasons as if we were on a moveable patch of earth.  On a day like today our patch got shifted on the seasonal moving belt to about Georgia.  … Continue reading

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Ai Weiwei In Jail

Spring                                                                  Waxing Bee Hiving Moon In all the tsunami/earthquake, nuclear crisis, air strikes in Libya, brother coming, dog biting haze I missed this story about Ai Weiwei, a Chinese dissident artist whose marble chair is in our Wu Family Reception … Continue reading

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