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Jumping Horses

Winter                            First Moon of the New Year Sometimes you do something for one reason and have an unexpected outcome.  Tonight was like that for me. The Great Western Stock Show, Colorado’s winter State Fair-like celebration of things Western, has become … Continue reading

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Impish and Knowing

Spring                                                               Waning Bee Hiving Moon Talked to the grandkids on Skype.  Gabe’s linguistics have made a jump and Ruthie seems to have rocketed past the early years of childhood and landed in an elementary school body.  Jen went to crossfit … Continue reading

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Daffodils Are Up. The Bees Are Coming. Growing Season Is Underway.

Spring                                              Waning Bee Hiving Moon Tomorrow afternoon is the day the bee’s come to their new home.  They will have traveled by truck from Chico, California, spent a night at Jim’s Nature’s Nectar and will leave Stillwater for Andover around … Continue reading

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