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Winter and the Imbolc Moon Wednesday gratefuls: Swedish ER. Swedish hospital. Feeding tubes. Interventional radiologists. Pulmonologists. A long sleep last night. Exhaustion. That fuckhead. One week. Impeach him. Convict him. Imprison him. No mercy. Calm. Deep breathing. Kate’s back in … Continue reading

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Ah, well

Winter and the Imbolc Moon Tuesday gratefuls: Easy Entrees. Pork Schnitzel. Peasant salad. Feeding tube. Jevity. Kate, always Kate. Our democracy. Our nation. 8 days. Impeaching. Prosecute. Sleep. Sleep.     And, again. The tube slipped out again. When the … Continue reading

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Still here. Still ok.

Winter and the beautiful waning crescent of the Moon of the New Year Ordinary time. Is there any such thing right now? Saturday gratefuls: Kate. A good night’s sleep. For both of us. Much needed. Rigel keeping me warm. Kep … Continue reading

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