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Degree of Difficulty

Lughnasa                                                                                    Waning Honey Extraction Moon I have grasped the swallow’s tail, offered a shoulder strike, wielded a single whip, pushed and pulled, brushed the leg, deflected, parried and thrust.  All moves in Tai Chi.  I have made real progress over … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Moon

Lughnasa                                                                 Full Honey Extraction Moon The moon.  Tonight.  A darkening sky, blue behind the openings in the clouds and peeking out from behind a modest veil, a full Honey Extraction Moon, its color a silvered gold, honey-like and mysterious.  I … Continue reading

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9 Pins

Lughnasa                                                                                   Waxing Honey Extraction Moon Woke up this first day of Lughnasa to Knickerbockers playing 9 pins and throwing strike after strike after strike.  A nap on a thundery summer day has a luxurious feel, velvet, cushy.  Gertie spent the … Continue reading

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Progress In Tai Chi

Mid-Summer                                                              New Honey Extraction Moon Tai chi.  Finally, I made some progress.  Slow, but sure.  Be patient with yourself they told us at the first meeting.  I’m glad they said that.  I’ve needed it and still get upset, want to … Continue reading

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To Bee, To Do

Mid-Summer                                                             Waning Honey Flow Moon Out to the bees in just a few minutes to slap on two more honey supers each, the six I finished varnishing yesterday while Mark put foundations in the frames.  This will find six honey … Continue reading

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Sunday, Sunday

Mid-Summer                                                                            Full Honey Flow Moon More fun with the alarm system.  Back and forth with ADT.  On the phone, pushing buttons.  Still the chirping.  Service call. Business meeting.  Scheduling a Denver trip for sometime in September.  Looking at buying some … Continue reading

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It’s Illegal

Mid-Summer                                                                                             Waxing Honey Flow Moon In to see Kate this morning after making some soup and killing potato pests by hand and soapy water.  Integrated pest management  suggests hands-on management for small crops.  It’s actually pretty straight-forward to keep pests … Continue reading

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