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Lughnasa                                            Waning Harvest Moon More time today on Ovid.  Working on Book III:570-574.  This chunk, starting at 509 and running through 579, introduces the story of Pentheus, a cautionary tale about religious zealots.  Pentheus criticizes the seer Tiresias as an … Continue reading

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A Latinate Day

Lughnasa                                                                     Waning Honey Extraction Moon A Latinate day.  The am found me back in Pentheus, a story in the third book of Ovid’s Metamorphoses.  I remember the story from the English version, at least in part.  Pentheus gets torn apart … Continue reading

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9 Pins

Lughnasa                                                                                   Waxing Honey Extraction Moon Woke up this first day of Lughnasa to Knickerbockers playing 9 pins and throwing strike after strike after strike.  A nap on a thundery summer day has a luxurious feel, velvet, cushy.  Gertie spent the … Continue reading

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Ripped Apart

Beltane                                                                    Waxing Garlic Moon Pentheus gets ripped apart by his mother and her fellow Bacchantes.  The Guthrie’s production of The Bacchantes by Euripides several years ago gave the story a telling I’ve never forgotten.  It gave me a jolt.  I’ve … Continue reading

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Anco Impari (I’m Still Learning. Goya)

Beltane                                                                 Waning Last Frost Moon We continue sliding toward summer, a cool, moist descent, not at all like the sudden, blazing ascension we often see, usually full on in place by now, with sun screen and hats and pitchers of … Continue reading

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