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The Road

Beltane                                                     Waxing Garlic Moon The dog delivered, I’m moving more slowly today.  I’ve selected a route home, up I-29 to I-90, then to the Jeffer’s Petroglyphs.  I’ll plan to stay around there tonight, then finish up the drive home tomorrow. … Continue reading

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Driving to Nebraska. Again.

Beltane                                                                   Waxing Garlic Moon Motel 6 with Sollie, Lincoln Nebraska At 8:35 am Sollie and I took off in the truck.  We drove straight through to this little piece of heaven. Driving between Andover and Lincoln, a frequent trip, goes … Continue reading

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Sollie Goes Home

Beltane                                                                         Waxing Garlic Moon Tomorrow I leave for Lincoln, Nebraska.  Sollie will head back to Denver with Jon.  Our goal here is to calm the dog situation down by getting rid of the extra dog and getting to work integrating … Continue reading

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Ripped Apart

Beltane                                                                    Waxing Garlic Moon Pentheus gets ripped apart by his mother and her fellow Bacchantes.  The Guthrie’s production of The Bacchantes by Euripides several years ago gave the story a telling I’ve never forgotten.  It gave me a jolt.  I’ve … Continue reading

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We Inch, Slowly, Toward Spring

Spring                                                                 Waxing Bee Hiving Moon Kate comes home tonight.  Yeah!  I miss her when she’s gone. I’ll follow our usual procedure and pick her up at the Loon Cafe, conveniently located at the end of the light rail service from … Continue reading

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Then Bang, Things Happen

Spring                                                               New (Bee Hiving) Moon You know how things go along for a long time and nothing happens, then bang, things happen?  Sollie and Rigel got into it again and in breaking them up Rigel bit me.  Not bad, a … Continue reading

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Big D

Spring                                                                Waning Bloodroot Moon The weekly let down after my round of Ovid has set in, exaggerated by the two day drive-a-thon to Lincoln, Ne and back.  Let down may not be the best phrase.  An easing up, a lull, … Continue reading

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Travel Agent? C’est moi.

Spring                                                      Waning Bloodroot Moon As travel agent for our house, I make reservations, check on them, plan itineraries and handle changes to travel plans.  Like several of my domestic responsibilities I have these duties because of misspent time over the … Continue reading

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There and Back Again

Spring                                         Waning Bloodroot Moon My usual method of travel is mosey.  I like slow travel, paying attention to the countryside and stopping when an interesting site shows up.  I’ve never understood the folks who drive straight through, as if travel … Continue reading

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Go West, Old Man

Spring                                                        Waning Bloodroot Moon Tomorrow I take off for Lincoln, Nebraska to pick up our two grand-dogs, Sollie and Gertie.  They will stay with us while Jon and Jen’s house has renovation work done, adding another room, a new roof, … Continue reading

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