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Winter and the Wolf Moon Sunday gratefuls: Breakfast with Jen, Ruth, Gabe, Barb. Driving back up the hill. F1. The MIA. The Walker. The docent program. My many years there with good friends and art. Acting class. Creativity class. Origins … Continue reading

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A Satisfied Mind

Winter and the Wolf Moon Saturday gratefuls: Seeing Ruth and Gabe for breakfast today. Slope=rise/run. Remembering algebra. Korean chops increasing. Slowly. Duolingo. Sleep. McCarthy. Derek Hamlin and the power of compassion. Ukraine. Mary Oliver. Ancient Brothers. Tom. Ellory. Amber. Joe … Continue reading

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When I’m an adult, I’m going to live up here

Winter and the Wolf Moon Friday gratefuls: Gabe. Shoveling. His comment about the Mountains. Driving into Denver. Freddie’s Steakburgers. Cheap down the hill gas. A waning 2022. Alan. 14 inches of Snow plowed. The Mountains in their Snowiness. Jeffco road … Continue reading

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