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Lughnasa                                                  Waxing Harvest Moon As August slides away and the sky shifts its colors toward deeper hues, an inner barometer detects higher emotional pressures.  The atmosphere weighs more, cuing those momentary pauses, breaks in attention.  It may signal a storm … Continue reading

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The 4th of July

Mid-Summer                                                     Waxing Honey Flow Moon Independence Day.  Celebrating our ancestor’s victory over the British army and considering how their enlightenment ideals apply to our time.  Happy 4th of July! For an unreconstructed radical like myself, these are trying times.  I … Continue reading

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A Reunion

Mid-Summer                                                                                              Waning Garlic Moon As the garlic moon wanes, the leaves of the garlic plants begin to brown from the bottom up.  When half of them are brown, I’ll pull a couple to see how they’re progressing.  I plant more … Continue reading

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