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News from Ha’il

Fall                                                            Full Autumn Moon News from Ha’il*.  Mark reports having to leave a restaurant with a friend because it was about to close for prayers.  During prayers many businesses in Saudi Arabia lock customers in so they can continue shopping … Continue reading

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A Year of Two Springs

Fall                                                  Full Autumn Moon A cool rain and a chilly fall evening with wet gold stuck to the bricks and asphalt, a low cloud cover and darkening twilight skies. Though ready to travel there is a sadness in missing the … Continue reading

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Pulling Hair

Lughnasa                                                                 Waning Honey Extraction Moon Over to Carlson Toyota this morning.  Why?  To have Kate sign over the Tundra to me, as a gift.  The purpose?  Avoid sales tax on the title transfer.  My name alone is on the Rav4, … Continue reading

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Drawing Blood

Lughnasa                                                                           Waning Honey Extraction Moon Took Mark in for a counseling session at 8 am and then over to Allina for lab work.  He said the phlebotomist kept putting on more tubes to collect blood. “I’m woozy,” he said, as … Continue reading

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