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Pulling Hair

Lughnasa                                                                 Waning Honey Extraction Moon Over to Carlson Toyota this morning.  Why?  To have Kate sign over the Tundra to me, as a gift.  The purpose?  Avoid sales tax on the title transfer.  My name alone is on the Rav4, … Continue reading

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Friday Journal

Lughnasa                                                            Waxing Honey Extraction Moon Got excited during the Graphic Design class and ordered Adobe Creative Suite 5.0.  It’s cheaper since it’s behind the latest iteration 5.5.  I’ll be able to do my own eBooks, website, manipulate photos.  It’s more … Continue reading

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Beltane                                                            Full Last Frost Moon Our remodeling is pretty close to finished.  Which is a good thing since we started in 2008 or so.  We finally hung the art in the living room, works we took down at the beginning … Continue reading

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The Man

Samhain                                         Full Thanksgiving Moon Y-chromosome work this am.  First, the Celica in for oil change, look over.  Then, Tundra in for bulb replacements on the left headlight and the fog light.  Tried to do Latin but my concentrater failed me:  … Continue reading

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