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Fall                                                    Waning Autumn Moon The packing has begun.  Items have been sorted for relevance, need and weight.  A long trip that extends through several time climactic zones, from equatorial to sub-Antarctic, combined with a small space, the stateroom, makes challenges … Continue reading

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At Sea

Fall                                            Waxing Autumn Moon The zone.  Kate and I have reached the under 2 week zone for a cruise we booked in March.  We each have particular tasks to get done.   Things to do.  Tomorrow we’re going to go through … Continue reading

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On The Move

Fall                                           New Autumn Moon While we slept, the busy folks at English Gate Academy in Saudi Arabia were solving Mark’s visa snags.  Dr. Ahmed called a person he knew at the Saudi Embassy in DC.  Mark submitted two new forms, … Continue reading

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Please Let Me In

Lughnasa                                                              Waxing Honey Extraction Moon Mark went to a hospitality industry job fair in St. Louis Park.  I took him, then went on out to Minnetonka Travel in Wayzata.  I picked these folks almost at random to help with the … Continue reading

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Lughnasa                                                    Waxing Honey Extraction Moon Walked in the garden alone.  Yep, it’s an old time spiritual, much loved in the churches of my youth.  It also describes my morning turn among our vegetables and in our orchard. The garlic has … Continue reading

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Friday Journal

Lughnasa                                                            Waxing Honey Extraction Moon Got excited during the Graphic Design class and ordered Adobe Creative Suite 5.0.  It’s cheaper since it’s behind the latest iteration 5.5.  I’ll be able to do my own eBooks, website, manipulate photos.  It’s more … Continue reading

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