Fall                                                    Waning Autumn Moon

The packing has begun.  Items have been sorted for relevance, need and weight.  A long trip that extends through several time climactic zones, from equatorial to sub-Antarctic, combined with a small space, the stateroom, makes challenges inevitable.

Should I take the table-saw just in case?  Hmmm.  No.  How about four pairs of shoes?  Hmmm.  No.  Wait.  A dress pair for the formal nights.  A hiking pair for the shore excursions.  Sneakers for my workouts.  Sandals for the heat.  Well.  Maybe so.

Taking a full computer keyboard along is an oddity of my packing.  I have a compact netbook computer, one that I bought because it had a near full sized keyboard, but I don’t like typing on it for extended periods of time.  So, I take a keyboard with me.  It travels just fine amongst the clothes.

Of course the meds.  And how much underwear?  How many shirts?  What will we buy?  Gosh.

At some point this morning we’ll be done, then we’ll have to weigh everything.

The dogs go over to Armstrong’s this morning, too.  Busy.  Gotta go.


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