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  • 20,000 Miles Over the Sea (and some in the air)

    Samain                        Moon of the Winter Solstice

    According to the cruise log provided by the ship, we traveled 12, 800 statute miles by sea.  Counting the six thousand plus from Rio to Atlanta and another thousand to New York to get started, we covered over 19,000, close to 20,000 miles in 40 days.  That’s a long way.

    It had to be over twelve thousand because we went from 45 degrees N to 45 degrees S (and then some) which equals 90 degrees, then 45 degrees S (and then some, I think we hit 55 degrees S in Usuhaia, if I remember correctly) to 45 degrees N again for 180 degrees which is pole to pole, so one half way around the world or roughly 12,500 miles.  Put that in your story problem folder.

    Still digesting the trip, the experiences, its length.  If, as Marita, our guide in Buenos Aires, said, travel makes us bigger, I’m bigger in some ways.  Waiting for the outline of that greater bigness to emerge.