At Sea

Fall                                            Waxing Autumn Moon

The zone.  Kate and I have reached the under 2 week zone for a cruise we booked in March.  We each have particular tasks to get done.   Things to do.  Tomorrow we’re going to go through our clothes and clean out closets and, oh by the way, set out what we want to pack.

(the type of cabin we’ve booked)

Today I checked my meds to be sure I had a supply that would reach all the way to Thanksgiving.  Scheduled my physical for December.  Made arrangements for an appointment to make my medicare decision.  A mix of cruise related and future related tasks.

There’s a light-headedness I get before a trip, an almost out of body feeling, as if part of me wants to travel on ahead, get going.  I love to go.  Seeing new places, experiencing new foods, meeting new people.  All great.

In this particular instance though I’m looking for real relaxation.  And will get it.  I’ve never done anything travel-wise more relaxing than a cruise.  Something about the limits the ship itself sets, the (mostly) gentle rocking of the ship, the throb of the engines, someone else cooking and cleaning.  No expectations.  No responsibility.


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